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VOIP - Voice over Internet Protocol – is a technology which enables you to transfer voice over the Internet.

What is an IP telephone?

The IP phone looks like any other standard phone device, but it uses the Internet instead of a simple telephone line.
What do we offer?
Thanks to the VOIP technology we offer our customers a cheap and high quality alternative to the conventional telephones.
The only two thing you need to use the service are Internet and an appropriate telephone device. We offer you a consultation, an installation and a configuration, which will allow you to talk easy and for less with your friends, relatives or business partners.

* We offer you less expensive, first-class service.
* We will help you choose the most suitable IP phone for you.
* We are offering the possibility to have both Bulgarian / USA ( or other country ) and Canadian phone numbers, using just one telephone device.
* We can help you or your business to reduce the telephone expenses.
* We are IT specialists with long experience in the communication area.

Choosing GD Com - is the right choice!

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Nowadays, when the distance is of no importance and the globalization is seriously coming in our lives, we are already thinking of less expensive and more convenient ways of communication with close friends, family and business partners.

- Would you like to have an international (stationary) phone number and to use no matter where you are?

- Would you like your family and friends from abroad (Bulgaria, Russia, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine or other countries) to be able to call you at the price of a local call, while you reside in Canada, US or anywhere else?

- Would you like to call people in abroad for only few cents per minute to all home phones and much more for mobile phones?
(For different countries ask for more information on info@gdcom.ca!)

- Would you like to have all that just for few dollars plus your phone calls time?
(About all rates please ask us by e-mail)

Is it possible?

Definitely YES!!!

E-mail us at info@gdcom.ca and you will have it!!!

What else can you get with the same telephone device?

- Canadian or US home number which can be used all over the world with monthly fee of $0,99 and prices for all Canadian and USA calls between $0.005 - $0.01 per minute.

- Voicemail and CallerID;

Yes, this is also true without any hidden taxes.

You only need to have an Internet access and an appropriate IP telephone or VoIP adapter device in order to take advantage of this service.
Voice over IP comunications

We offer you less expensive and high-quality alternative to the conventional (standard) telephones, namely phones based on the VOIP technology.
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