What is VOIP?

VOIP – Voice over Internet Protocol – is a technology which enables you to transfer a voice over the Internet.

What is an IP telephone?

The IP phone looks like any other standard phone device, but it uses the Internet instead of a simple telephone line.

How does it work?

In order to work, your landline telephone has to be connected to the public phone network via standard copper wire cable. When you place a call, it travels trough your local telephone company network and reaches the number you call.
With Voip, instead of connecting the phone to the wall jack, you connect it to an Internet modem ( via analog telephone adapter and network cable ). At this point the analog signal is already transformed into a digital data and is ready for transmission over the Internet where there are hundreds of servers, which play the role of the telecomunication companies. That’s why it doesn’t matter in which part of the world you are if you use VoIP technology, you just need an access to the Internet and your Bulgarian / Canadian number will ring there.

Why prices are so low, and is the quality of the service good enough?

The quality of the connection using the IP telephony is the same as the traditional telephony.
VoIP telephony is cheaper because it uses only Internet to transfer the caller's voice. After the voice is being transformed into a digital data it travels over the Internet like an e-mail does, contrary to the standard landline telephony where the analog signal travels trough physical wires, switchboards and telephone exchanges.
Voice over IP comunications

We offer you less expensive and high-quality alternative to the conventional (standard) telephones, namely phones based on the VOIP technology.
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