The services we offer are directly linked to the technical implementation – assembly, installation and configuration of the VOIP phone or the VOIP adapter.

You will also receive a free consultation concerning the choice of a VOIP phone or a VOIP adapter for your home or office.

When it comes to a consultation regarding more complex business decisions (telephone exchanges, etc.), the consulting price is a matter for negotiation.

What should you expect from us?

- Configuration of a VoIP adapter or an IP phone with a single line (Canadian, US OR International number) – you have the opportunity to choose one of the options which you will use - International, Canadian, US or other number;

- Configuration of a VoIP adapter or an IP phone with two lines (Canadian and International numbers for example ) – with this option you can choose different variations : Canadian and International numbers, International and US number, Canadian and US number etc.;

- To order your VOIP adapter or IP phone;

- Installation at your home/office is an additional service which is a matter of negotiate price;

*IP phone – this is a phone based on the VOIP technology. If you choose the IP phone you won’t be able to use your standard (conventional) telephone device, unless you also buy a VoIP adapter. In this case you will be able to use your IP telephone with two numbers and the VOIP adapter will allow you to use simultaneously both your standard phone devices but only with one of the telephone numbers.

**VoIP adapter – this is a device based on the VoIP technology which will allow you to use your standard telephones. In case you want to use 2 phone numbers and choose the option with the VoIP adapter, you should have either a standard telephone with two lines or a different telephone device for each of the lines.

Voice over IP comunications

We offer you less expensive and high-quality alternative to the conventional (standard) telephones, namely phones based on the VOIP technology.
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